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Designing an interior can be tremendously exciting and exhilarating and it can also be overwhelming with the amount of options and volume of decisions and communications to be determined.  


Our objective is with careful and thorough planning to gently focus and guide clients through the options, curate findings and consider the boring details. We aim to take the spade-work and stress out of our clients' design projects to create beautiful, personalised and functional spaces which have been thoughtfully considered and carefully budgeted.


Design and Project Coordination fees are estimated, usually on a time basis, depending on very precise details of what our clients ask us to do for them, after an initial discussion to understand the requirements.

We can offer a turnkey service encompassing full interior design with tender packages and project coordination, ad-hoc consultancy design sessions, or somewhere in between.


Design Services include:                                                                   Client design administrative services                                                  

Furniture layouts                                                                               Assistance in defining a Project Brief

Lighting design plans                                                                        Budget and cost planning

Decoration schedules                                                                        Site surveys (only for the development of our own design work)

Bathroom design                                                                              Technical design drawings - hand or CAD

Kitchen design                                                                                 CGI photo-real imagery

Bespoke joinery and furniture design                                                    Comprehensive tender packages to enable accurate labour quotes
Concept design planning                                                                   Specifications and schedules

Detail design development                                                                  Liaison with architects, other consultants and building contractors

Sourcing and procurement                                                                  Project Co-ordination on site during installation phase 
Styling and accessorising  

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