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"I am grateful for all your work at my place and thanking you (in my thoughts) every day for such an amazing project!"

"Danielle understands client needs perfectly and adapts her advice/services accordingly. She has an immaculate eye for detail, she is very thorough in every aspect of her work, fantastically responsive and responsible. Could not recommend her more highly!"

"Dani was a wonderful designer and project manager for my refurbishment. She is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of a refurb, calm and unflappable, thoroughly charming and dedicated to her clients. And great at dealing with builders!"

"There is not much DCL Interior Design will not do as part of the process but it's comforting that Dani can be as hands-on or not that you want her to be. When you really want her to just make that decision for you, she's happy to do so. Yet she's also very keen to let you be the decision maker and only step in when you really do want her to."

"As the project evolved we started to realise that actually we couldn't have done it without Dani, as there is so much more to a renovation than choosing soft furnishings. As we are now living in our home, we have started to notice all those finishing touches that seemed to us so insignificant at the time but are actually so important. She helped us in every way - from brainstorming the initial ideas (knocking walls through and moving kitchens/bathrooms to other parts of the house), through to the re-wiring of the entire house and everything design-related thereafter. She was not only diligent but patient with our demands, builders and suppliers, and thankfully always full of great ideas. The truth is, our house is now our dream home and we have Dani to thank for that."

"A good designer not only plans and creates, but he also knows how the job is done."

- Albert Hadley, The Story of America's Pre-eminent Interior Designer -

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